PVC (Polyviyl chloride, 聚氯乙烯) 膠片是一種很好用的物料,印刷容易,柯式也可以,燙金亦得,粘盒、高周波、熱壓及膠水都無問題。可惜生不逢時,夫復何言,現在什麼都講究環保,它曾經的光輝已不再。

話雖如此,在還未有代用品出現之前,它繼續應用於各行業,為達到各種測試要求,它不斷自我完善,已有通過6P測試的軟PVC (Polyviyl chloride, 聚氯乙烯)。印刷軟PVC (Polyviyl chloride, 聚氯乙烯) 一般多用於玩具,硬片多用於包裝盒和吸索印刷。 掛牌、牆紙、書籍封面和各種文具都廣泛使用! 

PVC film is a good material because it is easy for screen and offset printing and also good for hot stamping. No additional treatment required. It is also ideal for hot stamping. no additional treatment required. It is also ideal for box making, high frequency sealing, embosssing and gluing. Unfortunately, 21 century is the green generation! There is a tendency to reduce its consumption. But, before any alternatives material come into use, PVC film is still used by various industries. In order to fulfill different test requirements, PVC has been made much improvement, now soft PVC which passed the 6P test has been invented. Soft PVC printing is generally applied on toys making, and hard PVC are widely used for making packaging box blisterpack, hang-tag, wallpaper, book cover and all kinds of stationery.



Various Printing Methods

Although it’s not traditional paper, various special printing methods are also applicable on PVC film.



Indoor & outdoor

PVC film is tougher and more durable than paper. it is also water-resistant, which is suitable for indoor/outdoor display.